Atanas Andasarov

Atanas Andasarov was born on December 18, 1949 in Bulgaria.

Graduated from the National Art High School of Sofia in 1968 and then studied painting at the National Art Academy of Sofia from 1968 to 1969.

Graduated from the Dresden Art Academy of Dresden, Germany in 1973, majoring in painting at the studio of professors Kettner and Mroszhinski.

Works predominantly in painting, graphic arts, monumental art and installations.

Has been exhibiting his artwork in national, group and individual expositions in Bulgaria and abroad since 1975.

Atanas Andasarov participated in a number of international painting symposia in Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, France, Serbia and elsewhere.

Many of his artworks are owned by several museums in Sofia, Bulgaria, including the National Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Foreign Art, and the Sofia Art Gallery, as well as by a number of galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, Germany, USA, China, Cyprus, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Hungary and others.

Individual Exhibitions:

1987 – Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists – Sofia, Bulgaria
1991 – Krida Art Gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria
1995 – Zürich, Switzerland
2000 – National Gallery of Foreign Art – Sofia, Bulgaria
2002 – Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Berlin, Germany
2003 – Wittgenstein House – Vienna, Austria
2003 – Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Bratislava, Slovakia
2003 – National Art Gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 – Dürrenmatt Museum House– Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2004 – Exhibition in Lille, France
2005 – Bogoridi Gallery – Burgas, Bulgaria
2005 – 2006 – L’Indigo Gallery – Valence, France
2006 – Vazrazhdane Gallery – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2006 – Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Paris, France
2006 – Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Warsaw, Poland